Resources from Tatnall SMART Workshops:

Resources from WV SMART Workshops:

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PreK Color Activity
Color Activity sheet
PreK Shapes
Prek Rhyme Time
Construction Sounds Game
Animal Sort Game
PreK Comparing Length
Ultrabook Notebook Tipis
Combine and Separate: Math Stories on the Farm
PreK Comparing Height Activity


Smarter Calendar Activity
K.1 Comparing Activity
K.2 Counting Activity
K.3 Ordinal Numbers
K.4-5 Counting Patterns
K.6 Addition Practice
K.6 Subtraction Practice
K.7 Money Activity
K.9 Clock Activity
K.10 Comparing Height
K.10 Comparing Length
K.10 Comparing Weight
K.10 Temperature Activity
K.11 Shapes
K.12 Comparing Shape Location
K.13 Comparing Shapes
K.14 Tallying Activity
K.15 Graphing Activity
K.16 Color Tallying


K.1 Let's Read Together
K.2 Number Words
K.2 Tell Me About It Activity
K.3 Conversation SkillsK.4 Do You Hear What I Hear?
K.4 Rhyme Time
K.5 Learning With Books
K.6 Environmental Print
K.6 High Frequency Words
K.7 Beginning Sounds
K.7 Letter C Review
K.7 Name That Beginning Sound
K.7-9 Upper and Lowercase letters
K.8 Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

First Grade:
1,1 Writing to 100
Addition Number Line
Fun With Number Lines
1.10 Money Activity
1.11 Clock Activity

Games and Templates:
Word Family Tree
"A" Family
"E" Family
"I" Family
"O" Family
"U" Family
Match Game Template
Moving Target Template
Racing Review Template

Resource Guide:
This is a Quick Reference guide for the toolbars:
This is a guide to the Lesson activity toolkit:

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